Monday, 17 March 2008

Ignorance and Arrogance

I'm sitting here watching inside:sport on BBC 1 Wales. Gaby Logan is the interviewer and she is interviewing the English Sean Edwards defence coach of the Welsh Rugby Team. Edwards and his boss Warren Gatland seem to be the welsh talismen of the moment. I am delighted that Welsh rugby has won its second grandslam in 3 years and only conceding two points. It is not this that i have a grievance with. It is the fact that even though Wales won the grandslam this program on BBC 1 is only discussing the issue of the English coaching establishment letting Edwards and Gattland slip through their hands, no mention of a 'well done' or anything of the sort.

It disappoints me that such ignorance and arrogance has emerged so blatantly. It makes me proud to think of Gwynfor Evans' plight with S4/C and those many other inspirational people who had the passion to bring forward a medium for welsh only communication. Today we now have BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales, so isn't it time for BBC 1 Wales to be about and for Wales?

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